Penetration testing is performed to examine the security system of a network, software, hardware or information environment. The objective is to detect all security weaknesses or vulnerabilities present in the network. It is carried out by inspecting the security of the network with hacking techniques in order to secure the information assets from malicious hackers and efficient working of the system.

This course has been designed to take even an absolute beginner to being a skilled and proficient expert in the field of information security. The modules are structured to provide extensive learning from the basics of networking to the most advanced tools and techniques required for conducting penetration testing and ethical hacking.

As per the sequential order of this course, the fundamentals section will teach you how to build a virtual environment, installation and basic commands of Kali Linux. This also includes networking fundamentals in two sections. In Level 1, you will learn about network types, devices, Medium Access Control (MAC), etc. whereas in Level 2, you’ll learn about the network protocols, IP addresses, network security measures, three-way handshake, the concept of proxy and VPN configuration. In the Netcat module, detailed information on the concept of Netcat, making a TCP connection, remote shelling and file transfer is covered. Whereas in the packet capturing, we will talk elaborately about Wireshark, which is an open source Network Packet Analyser used for the analysis of TCP/UDP communications along with protocol, IP and Port filters.

In the next phase, you will get to know about Nmap, port scanning, fingerprinting basics and various types of scans in the Network scanning section. The Nmap scripting engine topic talks about how to extend the functionality of Nmap as a scanner. Further, you will know how to evade firewall using Nmap and about network scanning GUI.

In Metasploit framework, you will get to know about the basics, concepts, and mechanism of Metasploit. Also, you will learn how to conduct port scanning, password sniffing and vulnerability scanning of a network. The client-side attack chapter will introduce you to windows and android phone reverse shell. Besides these, you will acquire skill sets of how to maintain permanent access via back doors and how to use Armitage for scanning and exploiting the target network

Vulnerability identification and detection are covered under the topic of mapping and enumeration. Further, you will learn how to exploit the website with the help of Cross-Site Scripting and SQL Injection. You will also be introduced to advanced bypassing techniques and how to access the network’s database. The course also gives an insight into why and how the various vulnerabilities are exploitable and how to fix and avoid them.

This course includes
  • One Month access
  • Access on mobile and Laptop
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Single User Access
  • Maximum 100 Video Plays/month


  • Basics of virtualization and how to build a virtual hacking environment
  • Testing for protection of your system or network from malicious hackers
  • Introduction to Kali Linux
  • Installing Kali Linux- a penetration testing operating system
  • Learning the basics of Linux
  • Learning Linux commands and interaction with the terminal
  • Networking fundamentals and interaction of devices within a network
  • Understanding of internet protocols and network models
  • Hiding your identity via proxy and VPN configuration
  • Introduction to Netcat
  • Deep understanding of Wireshark and its filters
  • Network Scanning fundamentals and knowing Nmap
  • Introduction to network enumeration and its tools and techniques
  • Using Nmap for firewall invasion
  • Network scanning via Zenmap
  • Comprehensive learning of basics of Metasploit framework
  • Detailed information on Metasploit for information gathering about the target network
  • Ways to carry out Vulnerability scanning and penetration testing via Metasploit
  • In-depth knowledge of Armitage and its various application
  • Detecting and exploiting vulnerabilities in the target network effectively
  • How to conduct Windows and Android phone reverse shell
  • How to build a backdoor for persistent access
  • In-depth knowledge of Armitage and its various application
  • Concept of encryption and decryption
  • Introduction to cross-site scripting and SQL injection
  • Broken authentication and session management
  • Using command injection
  • How to authenticate bypass
  • Working of automated Pentesting tools like SQLMap
  • Detecting and exploiting vulnerabilities in the target network effectively

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