This course is an overview of various domains of cyber security. It intends to provide an insight of the concept, challenges, threats and tools to assist in building a cohesive secured system. Since it is a cybersecurity course for beginners, it starts from the very basic fundamentals of cyber security. The aim is to build a strong foundation and offer comprehensive learning about information and cyber security.

You will learn about the standard cybersecurity terminology, analyse various threats and attacks, examine various protecting system and gain a hands-on experience of developing a secured solution.

The course begins by giving a detailed introduction about the concept and fundamentals of information security. It includes the basic cybersecurity terminology as well as a detailed description about hacking. Further, you will learn how to set up a lab environment and install necessary virtual machines like Kali Linux. This will assist you in safe hacking practice without adversely affecting your system.

Till this stage, you will be thorough with the prerequisite knowledge about cybersecurity. Moving on, you will learn about the fundamentals of windows. Here you’ll gain an insight of the history and security configuration and various other aspects of windows.

Further, we will have an in-depth analysis about Linux fundamentals where you’ll be introduced to Kali Linux and Linux Architecture. You will also explore various Linux commands and its security configuration.

Moreover, you will know about the advanced applications of cryptography and networking fundamentals. Since it is important to have a deep knowledge of malwares and cyber threats, we will be talking in detail about the types of malware and their effect on operation system. We will also discuss case studies on phishing and identity theft for better understanding of potential threats and attacks.

This course includes
  • One Month access
  • Access on mobile and Laptop
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Single User Access
  • Maximum 100 Video Plays/month



  • Fundamentals knowledge about cyber security
  • Information gathering through google dorks
  • How to configure windows securely
  • Reducing attack surface of the system
  • How to review networking for security controls
  • Detect and analyse current malware threats
  • Application of anti-malware solutions
  • Identification of social engineering threats and techniques
  • Analysing research trends in the field of cybersecurity

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