This all-inclusive tutorial on Advanced Web Application Pentesting intends to offer a comprehensive learning about how to detect and exploit the vulnerabilities present in the target network/software. This course is structured in a way to facilitate even a beginner but I assure you that at the end of this course, you’ll acquire high level skills to conduct ethical hacking and securing them like an expert.

While covering all the basics of website hacking, this course dives deeper to cover advanced techniques and concepts used for web application pentesting. The course focuses on theoretical as well as practical understanding of the topic from the very basics. Hence, you will start by learning how to build a lab environment and download necessary software like Kali Linux. Then we will move forward to know the web application basics, different components of a website and technologies involved in it.

After getting through with the basics, we will begin to learn web app hacking by knowing the concept of proxy and VPN in order to attain online anonymity. Cryptography fundamentals will teach you the concepts of encryption and decryption as well as various encoding protocols. After this you will have a practical learning of how to discover vulnerabilities and exploit them in order to hack the targeted website.

The course is divided in chronological order starting with vulnerability identification and detection which is covered under the topic of mapping and enumeration. Further you will learn how to exploit the website with the help of Cross Site Scripting and SQL Injection. You will also be introduced to advanced bypassing techniques and how to access the network’s database. The course also gives an insight of why and how the various vulnerabilities are exploitable and how to fix and avoid them.

At the end of the course, you will be able to comprehend the factors causing vulnerabilities, how to identify, exploit them and also how to bypass the network security.

This course includes
  • One Month access
  • Access on mobile and Laptop
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Single User Access
  • Maximum 100 Video Plays/month


  • Basics of virtualization and how to build a virtual hacking environment
  • How to install VirtualBox and create a virtual environment on Linux
  • Installation of Kali Linux
  • Understanding of web application fundamentals and technologies
  • How to maintain online anonymity
  • Concept of encryption and decryption
  • Introduction to cross site scripting and SQL injection
  • Broken authentication and session management
  • Using command injection
  • How to authenticate bypass
  • Working of automated pentesting tools like SQLMap

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