Metasploit is a well-known pentesting tool having the largest exploit database. It behaves as a platform where you can apply your hacking skills to exploit the target network. This course is a perfect solution to serve your pentesting and hacking requirements.

The course has been structured in a way to take you from the very basics to advanced skills required for using Metasploit. Since we will be beginning from the very scratch, you will first learn how to build a lab environment and know about Kali Linux and networking fundamentals. Further, you will learn how to use Nmap for network scanning and various scanning techniques.

The introduction to Metasploit will begin by Metasploit fundamentals, Metasploit architecture and its terminology. It will teach you the practical applications of Metasploit. Further in the course, you will learn how to gather information and conduct vulnerability scanning. This section will acknowledge you how to detect potential vulnerabilities and testing them via exploitation. It will also demonstrate you how to troubleshoot potential errors.

With this advanced course on system Pentesting using Metasploit, you will also acquire an in-depth knowledge about client-side attacks, reverse shell mechanism, how to maintain persistent access and Metasploit GUI. This part focuses on how to get hands-on various components and tools of Metasploit and also carrying out client-side attacks.

Moving on, you'll learn about web application security scanning and bypassing anti-virus and clearing traces on the target system post-compromise. This video will also keep you updated with the latest security techniques and methods that can be directly applied to scan, test, hack, and secure networks and systems with Metasploit.

The intention of the course is to provide a detailed and advanced knowledge of various aspects of Metasploit. At the end of the course, you will be well-versed with the procedure used by hackers to gain access to different systems. You will also be able to access the security system of network in order to secure it.

This course includes
  • One Month access
  • Access on mobile and Laptop
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Single User Access
  • Maximum 100 Video Plays/month


  • Basics of virtualization and how to build a virtual hacking environment
  • How to install VirtualBox and create a virtual environment on Linux
  • Installation of Kali Linux
  • Fundamentals of network security, which includes identifying potential network vulnerabilities
  • Understanding of internet protocols and network models
  • Comprehensive learning of basics of Metasploit framework
  • Detailed information on Metasploit for information gathering about the target network
  • Ways to carry out Vulnerability scanning and penetration testing via Metasploit
  • In-depth knowledge of Armitage and its various application
  • Detecting and exploiting vulnerabilities in the target network effectively
  • Set up the Metasploit environment along with your own virtual testing lab.
  • Leverage Metasploit capabilities to perform Web application security scanning.

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