Metasploit is amongst the most popular and efficient tools for penetration testing. Basically, it is a framework which contains various exploits. With the help of Metasploit, you can create malware, gather information, hack android, hack FTP, etc.

Metasploit consists of various exploits, encoders, modules, tools and payloads which assist in conducting Pentesting. It can be used by IT professionals and security administrators to detect security issues, validate vulnerability moderations and carry out a security assessment. It also assists auditors, Vulnerability Assessment and Pentesting professionals to build their personal Pentesting system and exploit the network.

The module is an all-inclusive Metasploit course which will serve as a perfect start for the Information security or Cybersecurity administrators who wish to acquire the skill set required for Pentesting and ethical hacking. The tutorial is designed in a way to provide convenient and easy learning.

Since this is a Metasploit guide for beginners as well, you do not require any programming skills set as a prerequisite, we will begin from scratch. It is useful for cybersecurity beginner as well as an expert. If you are already a part of the information security domain, the course will help you to enhance your overall knowledge, improve the efficiency of your testing and ability of protection of information assets, increasing your value to the organization.

Beginning from the introduction to Linux and its basic commands, the course includes network fundamentals, the concept of proxy, Netcat, network scanning and various scanning techniques. Along with the basics, you will learn how to install Metasploit, related terminology, commands and the concepts of Metasploit thoroughly. Owing to the hands-on exercise, you will be able to perform real-life practical as well.

This course intends to facilitate the user with all the advantages provided by Metasploit for conducting Pentesting. After the completion of this module, you will have a comprehensive learning of various Metasploit commands and its concepts. Further, you will be able to take necessary measures for better security and cyber protection against cyber-attacks.

This course includes
  • One Month access
  • Access on mobile and Laptop
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Single User Access
  • Maximum 100 Video Plays/month


  • Basics of virtualization and how to build a virtual hacking environment
  • How to install VirtualBox and create a virtual environment on Linux
  • Installation of Kali Linux
  • Fundamentals of network security, which includes identifying potential network vulnerabilities
  • Understanding of internet protocols and network models
  • Comprehensive learning of Metasploit fundamentals
  • How to conduct information gathering via Nmap
  • Ways to carry out Vulnerability scanning via Metasploit
  • In-depth knowledge of Armitage and its various application

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